Nikolaus Moser - Untitled, 2009 (detail)

Nikolaus Moser

June 11, 2013

An Austrian postwar and contemporary painter born in 1956, Nikolaus Moser creates works that stand for the radicalization of the surface. He has a vital and sensuous relationship with color, often mixing earth, stones and ash with spattled-on oils to lend his works the dimensions of sculpture. He seeks to unlock possibilities of color not only as a design tool, but also as material released and awakened by the artist.

Rephrasing the old demands of the European painting, Moser creates expressive and powerfully chromatic paintings in which the effect is intensified by his heavy impasto application of paint. The nuances that the painter activates in the sense of rhythms, vibrations and contrasts stand for a wide range of sensations. Depending on whether viewed close-up or at a distance, different layers and spaces within his work merge into a shimmer or form clearly delineated color fields. Devoid of narratives or representative basic character, his works call to be interpreted as a membrane, inviting the viewers to create their own mood-driven associations without any assumption of background knowledge or intellectual positioning on their part.

Moser studied with artists as diverse as Carl Unger and Adolf Frohner and has been represented in a range of international exhibitions.

Featured image: Nikolaus Moser - Untitled, 2009 (detail). Oil on canvas. 70 9/10 × 98 2/5 in. 180 × 250 cm. Photo courtesy Galerie Ernst Hilger