Nikolay Morgunov / Nikolay Sergeyevich Morgunov

Minimal Art, Abstract Art

February 1, 2021

Nikolay Morgunov is a Russian artist whose paintings are minimalist, containing predefined grids and spontaneous chaotic graphic sublayers. The transparent grids are applied to the surface, like lattice, but instead of hiding the image, they reveal it. Morgunov was named after his great-great-grandfather, Nikolay Yefimovich Kuznetsov, an avant-garde artist, co-founder of the 'Jack of Diamonds' society. Until the age of 17, he was interested in studying Architecture, but changed his mind and enrolled at the Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Fine Arts. In the second year, disappointed in his studies, he left school to focus on his career as an artist. Over the years, Morgunov’s style has changed from op art and surrealism to expressionism on the edge of abstraction, where merging with pure painting invites the viewer to participate in the game of figurative and guessable.