Norman Mooney - Line Drawing No 1, 2014 (detail)

Norman Mooney

December 5, 2013

An Irish contemporary artist, Norman Mooney explores the elemental and cyclical synergies of nature, focusing on the materiality, pattern, scale and experience. Spanning sculpture, interior and exterior installations, drawings and works on paper, his works are both physical and metaphysical.

Born in Dublin Ireland in 1971, Mooney relocate to New York in 1994. He studied at the Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork and completed his BFA at the National College of Art in Dublin, 1992. From 1992 to 1993, he participated in the Third Degree program at the Irish Museum of modern Art. He exhibited in a range of venues, including Gowanus Projects, Brooklyn, NY, USA, Marso Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico, Sasha Wolf Gallery, New York, NY, USA, Waterhouse and Dodd Gallery, New York, NY, USA, Causey Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY, USA, Martine Chaisson Gallery, New Orleans, USA and The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland.

Prone to experimentation, Mooney often works with unusual materials such as smoke, glass, steel and resin. As he explains, his practice deals "with the eternal dichotomy of the present, the immediate moment when we are ultimately becoming and eternally dying at precisely the same time."

Featured image: Norman Mooney - Line Drawing No. 1, 2014 (detail). Permanent marker on aluminum. 24 × 30 in. 61 × 76.2 cm. Photo courtesy Waterhouse & Dodd