Nuge / Dan Nguyen

Geometric abstraction

January 25, 2021

Nuge (pronounced "NOOJ") is a contemporary artist who creates organic forms out of wood that are in stark contrast to the hard lines and rigid nature of architecture. His work today, in essence, is a rebellion against his architectural background. The artist studied at Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, where he earned his Master’s degree in Architecture. However, after several years in the field, he realized his working experience was sharply different from his creative and intensive studies. While studying, he was able to be as imaginative and wild as possible, and the work tied him down to a computer, drawing construction documents and rearranging condominium layouts. That’s why he decided to make a change, venturing into the woodwork, which allows his work to be fluid, energetic, and connected to humans. These elements compel him to create everything by hand. The method requires a great deal of patience, but it also means Nuge can revisit his work daily.