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Pastel / Francisco M Diaz

Urban Art

March 18, 2015

Francisco Diaz aka Pastel is an Argentinian artist who uses symbolism and nature to explore and communicate seldom told stories about war and socio-political differences that to this day remain relevant in new geographical areas. Working with symbols like arrowheads and flora, the pieces begin a dialogue about nature of man and his surroundings, the existential, real, pure and tragic.

Pastel started painting, tagging and bombing in 2001. He earned his degree from in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Working with floral symbolism, Pastel speaks about nature of man and his surroundings

Pastel x Jufe in Miami
Pastel x Jufe in Miami

“I started a reinterpretation of what means paint on the streets. Today far away of conventional architecture, I understand work on the street as an urban acupuncture. Modern cities are full of ‘Non-places’ because of irregular and not inclusive master-planning. So, paintings are a kick-start for those places, working on the local identity and not acting as a tool of social gentrification.”

Pastel - Dancing serpent, 2013
Pastel - Dancing serpent, 2013

He tries to base his work on experiences. First of all, he is trying to understand the conditions that the environment offers and not to impose an already established concept for space. Considering the space where he gets to create his work, it may be a city, a rural space, an open space or a closed space.

Pastel lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

All images courtesy of the artist