peter blake portrait

Peter Blake / Peter Thomas Blake

Pop Art
Damien Hirst Visits Peter Blake's Studio - LR
Art News   |   Elena Martinique

HENI Talks, a new online platform for educational videos about art, launched on April 25th with 25 educational videos and many more to follow.

Wall Tapestry Art, via pinterest
Art History   |   Andrey V.

We take a look at contemporary tapestry art, the most expensive and time-consuming craft that was unrightfully neglected by art historians for decades.

Andy Warhol - Brillo Boxes at Stable Gallery, 1964. Image via
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1960s art saw the rise of some of the most significant movements in art history. Explore all the different ways 60s art changed the face of creativity forever.

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Pop art artworks have helped to define modern art and as such are considered a treasure of any collection. Explore what images we recommend to you

Do we understand what is popular culture today? Can contemporary art help us decipher the meaning?

Moniker Art Fair
Art Fairs   |   Lorenzo Pereira

Exhibitors from across urban art sphere to participate at Moniker Art Fair 2016, with 14000 people expected to visit one of London's most exciting events.

Rachel Howard, Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair Margate 2015, Photo Anthony Devlin_ The Press Association
Art Fairs   |   Angie Kordic

This July, Hastings to host the 2016 Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair alongside numerous art world superstars and their prized limited editions and original work

Peter Blake - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967
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Explore the famous collage artists - from Man Ray and Hannah Höch to some of the most interesting contemporary collage artists out there.