Peter Saul - portrait - photo credits John Huba, via vanityfaircom

Peter Saul

Pop Surrealism
Graffiti & Street Art, Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

Galerie Droste will host an exhibition in Paris that sketches the evolution of Graffiti, from classical writing to abstraction and figuration.

Peter Saul - Ronald Reagan in Grenada, 1984 (detail)
Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

Deichtor Hallen will soon present a retrospective of Peter Saul, an artist known for his genre-defying paintings that satirized American culture.

Peter Saul - Art and Monkey (detail), 2015. acrylic on canvas

David Kordansky Gallery is organizing an exhibition of the latest works by famous American artist Peter Saul. The show is entitled Some Crazy Pictures.