Pose 1

Pose / Jordan Nickel

Urban Art, Graffiti, Illustration

We live in a world where originality is considered extremely rare and where nearly everything is a copy of something already made.

How & Nosm - The Morning After, 20141

As one of the world’s biggest art fairs of the year, Art Basel Miami, closed its doors for this year, many accompanying programs and shows are still on view.

Further Farther Opening at Seventh Letter 15

A group of graffiti artists and friends, who have been collaborating successfully for years, is taking the exhibiting experience both Further and Farther than expected at The Seventh Letter Flagship Store and Gallery.


The highlight exhibitions next week are: Murakami at Gagosian; UK street art group show at LeFeuvre in Paris; Photorealism by Tom Martin at De Buck; Polish urban art at Urban Spree; and POSE at Library Street Collective.


In November, a new body of work by POSE will be exhibited at Library Street Collective…

Cruel Summer

Group show Cruel Summer is coming to Jonathan LeVine Gallery in August, curated by Roger Gastman.

c215-paris-vitry (1)

This summer, Chicago will be the stage for some of the leading artists in the field of street and urban art.

A2.3 Revok

In collaboration with the Library Street collection, Revok and POSE will stage a one night show in the major Emirates center, hosted by the local Mine Gallery. The event is about to go down on March 24.