Lin Felton aka Quik

QUIK / Lin Felton

Street Art, Graffiti, Painting, Drawing
QUIK, Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing 2016
Artist(s) in Focus, Graffiti & Street Art, Art Fairs, Interviews   |   Angie Kordic

Lin Felton, in the world of graffiti better known as QUIK, is one of the legends of the movement. We sat down with the artist to discuss his practice.

Banksy in New York, Photo by Ian Cox
Graffiti & Street Art, Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

Curated by Magda Danysz, the exhibition at ArtScience Museum in Singapore will tell an exciting story of the evolution of Street Art.

Lot 76 - C215
Collectors' Tip, Upcoming Auctions, Graffiti & Street Art, Interviews   |   Angie Kordic

Ahead of the upcoming Street Art and Graffiti sale at Blancs-Manteaux Auction in Paris, we talked to its founder Laurent Lacroix about the lots on offer.

Alexandre Farto (VHILS) - Scratching the surface, Shanghai, 2012 ©courtesy of Magda Danysz
Graffiti & Street Art, Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

A comprehensive street art exhibition at CAFA Beijing will provide a better understanding of the history and development of street art.

Graffiti & Street Art, Exhibition Announcements   |   Silka P

QUIK exhibition MAP KINGS displays the power of graffiti art and paintings which celebrate life in a city is on view at Green Flowers Art Gallery

MadC - Fifteen Forty-One (lot 97)
Collectors' Tip, Auction Results   |   Bojan Maric

As our community has come accustomed, Widewalls Collectors Tip brings you another auction analysis, with highlight and detailed auction figures

Weekly Highlights   |   Maximilian Braun

The Magazine and Feature highlights last week were: the Peeta exhibition at CAVE Gallery; Shoe's solo show in Soest; 10 urban artists from Spain; our feature on street art history in the UK; and 10 amazing artists that painted for the Djerbahood project. ...

Niels Shoe Meulman

Nils Shoe Meulman became interested in graffiti from a very early age. He began tagging under the name “Shoe” in the streets of Amsterdam and, by the time he was 18, he was already considered a graffiti legend.