Raymond Saa / Raymond Saá

Abstract Art

March 25, 2021

Raymond Saá is a Cuban-American artist whose paintings and works on paper form a complex, multilayered formal environment for the viewer to decipher. Using an X-Acto knife as a drawing implement, he creates images that are often sewn together into ‘postcards.’ In these works on paper, both the positive and negative images are important for creating the piece. Saá overlaps and sews the sewn composites, creating a pattern reminiscent of shingles. His paintings are extensions of the drawing and pattern-making process of the works on paper, where the compositions are derived from details found in the paper works and are built or stacked from the bottom upward. Different elements stack against each other creating rhythm and tension within the composition, while the color, shape, line, and pattern remain the focus of the work. Born in New Orleans and raised in Miami, Raymond Saá currently lives and works in New Jersey.