Ren Hung - photo via ostlicht

Ren Hang

Ren Hang. Nudes, Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci in Prato
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Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci in Prato is hosting a comprehensive show of the work of the late Chinese photographer Ren Hang.

Peipei Han-Associate Director China_PHOTOFAIRS
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PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai's Director Peipei Han talks to us about the incredible 2017 edition of Asia Pacific's most prominent photography fair.

PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai_ Credit James Ambrose (6)
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China's renowned PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai ready to offer top-quality and never-before-seen photographic prints to loyal collectors and art enthusiasts once more

Ren Hang, via Instagram
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Chinese photographer Ren Hang, known for his softcore, dazzling photography featuring nude bodies in curious positions, dies at the age of 30 in Berlin.

Wang Guangyi
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Check out our list of ten contemporary artists representing a cross-section of China's rich contemporary art scene.


New Figures by Richard Prince at Almine Rech Gallery, Contemporary expressionists Marcus Jansen at Lazarides Rathbone in London

Ren Hang
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It s difficult being an emerging artist these days no matter where you live, but for those who try to work in the areas where art is censored