René Francisco Rodríguez - Marchas de Luto, 2019 (detail)

Rene Francisco Rodriguez / René Francisco Rodríguez

Conceptual Art

December 10, 2020

René Francisco Rodríguez, also known as René Francisco, is a Cuban artist who has done a lot for the cause of conceptual art and community development. He considers art as a means of research, social transformation, a way of transgressing the conscience of peoples, and as an object of denunciation based on sciences such as sociology and psychology. Often leaves the traditional framework of the exhibition, the artist changes his language, searching for experimentation, community intervention, and the bases of education, trying to bring together pedagogy, art, and life. Born in Holguín, René Francisco studied at ISA (Instituto Superior de Arte). He became a professor in 1989 and is known for his unorthodox teaching methods, often leaving the classroom and holding classes outdoors. René Francisco lives and works in Havana.

Featured image: René Francisco Rodríguez - Marchas de Luto, 2019 (detail). Painting on canvas on wood. 15 7/10 × 19 7/10 in. 40 × 50 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy 193 Gallery