Richard Anuszkiewicz - Untitled, 1977 (detail)

Richard Anuszkiewicz

Hard-edge Painting, Op Art

July 27, 2013

An American painter, printmaker, and sculptor, Richard Anuszkiewicz was an abstract artist best known for his mesmerizing Op Art works. A student of Josef Albers, Anuszkiewicz explored the phenomena of light, color, and line and their effects on human perception.

After training at the Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland, Ohio, the artist continued his education with Josef Albers at the Yale University School of Art and Architecture in New Haven, Connecticut, where he earned his Masters of Fine Arts. One of the founders and foremost exponents of Op Art, he focused on the capacity of the eye to "mix" complementary colors presented separately on the canvas.

Anuszkiewicz's works are characterized by the subtle chemistry of complementary colors, creating the illusion of oscillating movement through contrasting color relationships. The geometric shapes he uses seem to pop and pulsate off of the canvas, revealing the malleability of our perceptions of stillness and movement, depth and color. These vibrant abstractions also reveal the artist's awareness of line as a compositional tool of surprising versatility. Varying in thickness, length, and spacing, these lines create the impression of different planes.

Featured image: Richard Anuszkiewicz - Untitled, 1977 (detail). Enamel on masonite. 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 in. 14 x 14 cm. Photo courtesy Berry Campbell Gallery