Richard B. Smith - Aspen Grove 5 pc Green, 2020 (detail)

Richard B. Smith / Richard Bell Smith

Figurative Art

November 9, 2020

Richard B. Smith is an American contemporary artist known for his welded bronze and copper sculptures of trees and wildlife. The works are created with nothing more than an oxy-acetylene torch and a pair of pliers, making every single one of them truly one-of-a-kind. He feels that “working directly with molten metal is an ideal way to capture the spontaneous yet orderly flow and rhythm of organic forms.” Striving for interpretation rather than replication, Smith creates sculptures toward the interpretative and subjective end of the impressionist/photographic realist spectrum. “I strive to capture and communicate the essence of a tree as I experience it rather than to reproduce a photographic copy of the original.” Richard B. Smith lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife, Blanca Borja de Smith, who is also an artist.

Featured image: Richard B. Smith - Aspen Grove 5 pc Green, 2020 (detail). Bronze & Brass. 36 × 60 in. 91.4 × 152.4 cm. Photo courtesy Whistler Contemporary