Rick Lewis - Slow Swirl, 2016 (detail)

Rick Lewis

Abstract Art

October 16, 2020

Rick Lewis is an American artist who works primarily as an abstract painter, also incorporating drawing, printmaking, photography, and sculpture into his studio practice. He believes that his direct connection with the ecology of the Gulf Coast was pivotal to the early formulation of his aesthetic. Each work is “born out of relationships to or qualities within nature that connect with my psyche.” The natural environment is the only source that provides metaphors for his abstract paintings. Lewis' pieces have been exhibited in New York, Texas, Philadelphia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia and are held in various public and private collections throughout the world. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Featured image: Rick Lewis - Slow Swirl, 2016 (detail). Oil, Bitumen, Crayon, Collage on Canvas. 44 × 42 in. 111.8 × 106.7 cm. Photo courtesy Isabella Garrucho Fine Art