Rob Munday - Naturalium 7 - Rococo Iris, 2018 (detail)

Rob Munday

3D Art, Figurative Art

October 20, 2020

Rob Munday is a British contemporary artist and technical innovator best known for his holographic works and light sculptures. To create his art, he designed and built the world’s first 3D digital hologram printer and created the world’s first digital holograms in 1991. Recognized as the pioneer in the development and implementation of digital holography, he has won many awards for his technical innovations, including the prestigious Saxby Medal from the Royal Photographic Society for his creative and technical achievement in the field of three-dimensional imaging and holography. Arguably, his most prestigious assignment was in 2003, when he was asked to co-create the first-ever official holographic portrait of Her Majesty the Queen (it was a collaboration with Chris Levine). Munday specializes in portraiture and natural subjects.

Featured image: Rob Munday - Naturalium 7 - Rococo Iris, 2018 (detail). Backlit chromogenic 3D lenticular print. This is part of a limited edition set. 23 31/50 × 23 31/50 in. 60 × 60 cm. Edition of 12. or 39 37/100 × 39 37/100 in. 100 × 100 cm. Edition of 2. Photo courtesy Isabella Garrucho Fine Art