Robert Lardus

Abstract Art

December 9, 2020

Robert Lardus is an American contemporary artist working exclusively in abstract painting, trying to capture what arises in his mind: thoughts, memories, dreams, and fears. Born in the deep Midwest of the United States of America, he studied painting and then went on a long journey through Asia. Fascinated by the process painting, he has invented numerous painting techniques. Without imposing his vision and without speaking directly, Lardus creates surprising, changeable, and changing interpretations. These are the core of his artistic approach, which leaves judging, evaluating, and analyzing to the viewers, who eventually give meaning to works. In his latest series, Humanography, Lardus refers to the art of calligraffiti. While not strictly using typical calligraphy, typography, and graffiti, he creates new symbols based on simplified drawings of the conventional figure of a human being.