Ross Tamlin - Telluride, 2019 (detail)

Ross Tamlin

Abstract Art

November 9, 2020

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Ross Tamlin is a contemporary artist widely known and recognized for his corrugated iron paintings. These works, influenced by the De Stijl movement, represent a synthesis of art and function. Incorporating the aesthetics of modern industrial technique, the corrugation in the paintings is a visual illusion created by layers of paint and varnish. The use of bold modern signage adds another layer of visual interpretation. Tamlin completed 2 years of a Town Planning course and was offered a cadetship in a County Council. Knowing he wanted to be an artist, he declined the offer, emigrating to Australia in 1982. There he began his artistic education with a Fine Arts Certificate course at Meadowbank TAFE before completing a graphic arts course in Brisbane. After he returned to Sydney, he joined the artists’ studios in Rozelle, first at CASA studio and then 1+2 studio.

Featured image: Ross Tamlin - Telluride, 2019 (detail). Oil on Canvas. 44 × 42 × 2 in. 111.8 × 106.7 × 5.1 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy Whistler Contemporary