Roxy Paine - Speech Impediment, 2014

Roxy Paine

September 16, 2013

An internationally acclaimed American artist, Roxy Paine is best known for his sculptures comprised of shining pipes, plates and rods that have been cut, bent and welded into branchlike structures.

Born in 1966 New York, Paine was raised in the suburbs of northern Virginia. He described this suburban experience as a "twisted vision of nature" within an environment that possessed an "overwhelming blandness".  it was in California, where he moved to live with his brother, a hiker and rock climber, that he decided to become an artist. He was educated at both the College of Santa Fe (now Santa Fe University of Art and Design) in New Mexico and the Pratt Institute in New York. He exhibited his work in venues such as Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York, NY, Gund Gallery, Columbus, Ohio, Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids, MI, Marianne Boesky, New York, NY, Kavi Gupta, Chicago, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO and James Cohan Gallery, New York, among others.

Since 1990, Paine began showing his work in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where he cofounded the artist collective Brand Name Damages. His early works focused on the collision of conflicting impulses of information such as industry and nature, control and chaos, form and theory. Over the years, he began melding the industrial and the organic to explore manmade and natural systems, using machines, fields, fungus and weeds, specimen cases, dendroids and dioramas. He divided his work in several categories - Art Making Machines, Replicants, Fungal Fields, Specimen Cases and Dendroids.

Featured image: Roxy Paine - Speech Impediment, 2014. Maple wood. Photo courtesy Kavi Gupta Gallery