Ry Rocklen - artist

Ry Rocklen

Shannon Ebner Yes Tomorrow, No Tomorrow, 2006 C-PRINT 81,44 x 103,19 cm (32,06 x 40,63 in) Ed. 4 of 4 SE-PH06-05 (SEV 1001.4)
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Fourteen artists are united by the spirit of the city, and they come to Paris to represent their work. New art from Los Angeles will be on view in two venues at the same time.

Rudolf Stingel Untitled (Instructions) 1990 Photograph - Courtesy of the artist and  Gagosian Gallery

Making art and the art of making - both to be shown at Gagosian Gallery, Rome. Regarding seqeunces - from idea to reality, the exhibition follows patterns in works of many accomplished artists.