Samuel Cueto - Dreamer, 2018 (detail)

Samuel Cueto

December 10, 2020

Samuel Cueto is a Spanish-Algerian artist whose photographic work focuses on social outcasts, those who live far from city centers. A street portrait artist, he reflects himself through the photos he takes. The subjects are damages but authentic beings who manage to captivate the spectator. Cueto differs from his colleagues who have tried to capture the world of ghettos and suburbs, but from a distance. Instead, he often gets his hands dirty, showing the grimy backside of our society. He emphasizes our failure as a society to accept the Other, their differences, experiences, and origins.

Featured image: Samuel Cueto - Dreamer, 2018 (detail). Silver Print. 31 1/2 × 47 1/5 × 1/10 in. 80 × 120 × 0.3 cm. Edition of 5. This work is part of a limited edition set. Photo courtesy 193 Gallery