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Seikon / Unknown

Urban Art, Graffiti, Murals

January 9, 2015

Seikon is a freelance street artist and painter based in his native Poland, well-known for his usage of signature geometric line-based imagery, creating labyrinths of colors and lines, and turning shapes into a harmonious wholes.

Born in 1987, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland. He stepped into an art world and public sphere in his early years, in 1999.

His personal style evolved throughout the years, leading him to focus on abstract form and linear compositions. Seikon eventually specialized in creating unique geometrical patterns which transform diverse surfaces with the use of color and graphic design. Painted onto abandoned buildings, underpasses, billboards and utility houses, at first what seems abstract starts to create cohesive forms. The interlacing linear elements and structures within these lines start to resemble the urban aspects of streets and cities, giving notice that there is more to the geometry than it seems at the first glance. Aesthetics of Seikon’s abstraction are characterized by a clean, precise trace always enriched by theme triangles, kink broken lines, and sometimes emphasized by strong, bold colors. Elements which embody his compositions are often separated and unbound to one another, but in a larger picture they all come together, creating harmonious and captivating art piece.

While the artist definitely has a talent for graffiti, it is not his exclusive medium. Working in assemblage and collage Seikon further establishes his geometric influenced work, creating an abstract version of a deeper dialogue taking place on paper and wood, and then encroaching on walls and its cities.

Seikon now works in a variety of media to express his growing interest in art forms composed of light, sound, and installation.