Sepe, photo credits Paweł Dziurzyński

Sepe / Michal Wrega

Street Art, Graffiti

December 25, 2014

Michał Wręga aka SEPE is a Polish street artist, born in 1982 in Warsaw, who obtained a degree in graphic design from the Academy of Fine Arts Łódź in 2009. Apart from his scholarly inspired influences, SEPE also has a great interest in traditional book illustration and large scale poster design. This unconventional pairing of interests is highly reflected in his body of work: obliterating classic media and genre affiliations, one is always left puzzled by his art. The physical hugeness of facades is turned into opened pages of SEPE’s urban sketchbook.  The walls rose their towering intimidation and invite the recipient to relocate the concept of dainty imagery into the roughness of the urban environment. This juxtaposition redefines and restructures the immediate environment of the artwork.

His quasi-mannerist figures, defined by delicate but deliberate lines, seem to illustrate the numerous stories of the streets they are placed in. His aesthetics are clearly multifaceted. He claims that he is trying to find his own artistic language in combining and rearranging stylistic concepts of illustration, street art and graphic design.

His works can be seen on the walls of Prague, Munich, Warsaw and many more, but also printed in Besser’s „Muralsimo Morte: The Rebirth of Muralism in Contemporary Urban Art“ and Polish Vice magazine among others.

SEPE has also won an ARTAQ Award in 2012 for his collaboration on a large-scale mural.

Sepe lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.

Featured image: Sepe - photo credits Paweł Dziurzyński