Shadi Ghadirian - Nil Nil 2, 2008 (detail)

Shadi Ghadirian

July 24, 2013

A contemporary Iranian photographer, Shadi Ghadirian is best known for work influenced by her experiences as a Muslim woman living in contemporary Iran, but it also relates to the lives of women throughout the world.

Ghadirian was born in 1974 in Tehran, Iran, where she currently lives and works. She studied art and photography at Azad University in Tehran, emerging from school with a B.A. in photography. She has exhibited in a range of venues, including Aria Gallery in Tehran, Golestan Gallery in Tehran, Iran, Leighton House Museum in London, UK. Her work has appeared at the Venice Biennale (2015) and is part of several public collections, such as The British Museum and The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, UK; the Centre Georges-Pompidou in Paris, France; the LACMA in California, USA; The Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, USA; the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, USA; the Mumok in Vienna, Austria; and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, Iran. She currently works at the Museum of Photography in Tehran.

Ghadirian has created nine photographic series to date - Miss Butterfly, Nil, Nil, Be Colourful, Like Every Day, Qajar, Ctrl+Alt+Delete, My Press Photo, Out of Focus, and West by East - each dealing with the issues Iranian women face and negative stereotypes towards them abroad.

Featured image: Shadi Ghadirian - Nil Nil #2, 2008 (detail). C-Type print. 30 × 45 1/2 in. 76.2 × 115.6 cm. Edition 3/10 + 0AP. This is part of a limited edition set. Photo courtesy Waterhouse & Dodd