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Shepard Fairey / Frank Shepard Fairey

Urban Art, Illustration
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If you are looking to add a portrait to your collection, we have made a great selection by contemporary artists for you to take a look at!

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Street art came a long way since the first train graffiti. Here is a list of street artist working today that are taking the form to new heights in their ever-recognizable style! 

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Even during the coronavirus pandemic, street artists manage to bring us new amazing murals. Here are the best ones from the month of March.

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Patrick Hugues - Dessin 16, 2019 f
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If black and white is your thing, be sure to check out our curated list of monochrome works created by a range of celebrated artists.

Henri Matisse - La tristesse du roi (detail), 1952
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ArtSnap is an online gallery with a carefully curated selection of wide-ranging works by established contemporary and modern artists.

Keith Haring - No Nukes (detail), 1982
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This time, we bring you some of the most iconic street artists from the United States - the country where it all began. Scroll down and enjoy!