Smash137 / Adrian Falkner

Urban Art, Graffiti, Abstract Art
street artists cavalli
Graffiti & Street Art, Interviews   |   Angie Kordic

What rights do street artists have when their work is used in an ad without permission? We talked to attorney Jeff Gluck to find out.

Swoon - Kamayura (detail)
Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

Die Kunstagentin has prepared an extra special holiday gift for all art lovers - a Christmas art exhibition featuring five international urban artists.

Stefan Strumbel - Screenprints, sculpture

Die Kunstagetin gallery from Cologne has presented a great collection of urban art pieces, perfect as Christmas presents for all art lovers.

Hendrik Beikirch -Mural in Heidelberg, photo credit Thilo Ross

Metropolink Street Art Festival reinvents the cityscapes of Heidelberg and emphasizes the importance of public art in shaping our cultural values.

Sickboy - Supernature solo exhibition 2015. Photo Galerie Le Feurve.
Graffiti & Street Art   |   Steve Gray

Graffiti Hits the 21st Century. A follow up to our 20th Century & The Rise of Graffiti article, in which we look at the development of graffiti since the turn of the century.

Vincent van Gogh - Backyard with two figures, 1882

Next week Paris is in focus, with the two art events coming up. Urban art is thriving as well, with Vhils and Smash137 shows and a special UrbanArt Biennale in Saarbrücken.

A new Smash137 exhibition has been announced that will see the Swiss street artist present a new body of works under the title Streunergold (Stray Gold) at Gallery Die Kunstagentin based in Cologne

Gen Atem - Tenzin Gyatso, Dalai Lama

After the Parisian Mathgoth s collective exhibition featuring names like Herakut and Reka, another refreshing group show in Zurich is gearing up