Sol Lewitt - Artist, photo credits

Sol LeWitt / Solomon Sol LeWitt

Minimal Art, Conceptual Art
Eva LeWitt, Untitled (Mesh A–J)
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A flurry of recent exhibitions has brought quick attention to the work of Eva LeWitt, the 30-something daughter of Sol LeWitt, who is fighting to create a voice of her own.

Moses & Taps - INVIDA (detail)
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Blue has always been one of the favorite colors among artists. We bring you artworks dominated by blue hues which you can add to your collection right now!

Robert Rauschenberg, broche, vers 1990
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The extensive artist jewelry collection by Diane Venet will be shown in Paris alongside exceptional loans from galleries, collectors and the artists’ families.

Art & Vinyl by Jeffrey Fraenkel and Antoine de Beaupre
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We bring you ten most striking pieces of record covers made by celebrated artists, that were recently on view at the exhibition at Fraenkel Gallery.

Damián Ortega - Cosmic Thing, 2002
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The current exhibition at Guggenheim Bilbao will explore and expand the key concepts from Martin Heidegger's book Art and Space.

Thomas Bayrle - Feuer im Weizen
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Focusing on the rich history of artist books, Kunsthalle Hamburg put together a show that will shed some light on this often ignored part of art history.

Andy Warhol - Miguel Bosé, 1983
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Venice Biennale artists are in focus of the Post-War and Contemporary Art auction at Paddle8, as an homage to the exhibition’s spirit and relevance.

Andy Warhol - Brillo Boxes at Stable Gallery, 1964. Image via
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1960s art saw the rise of some of the most significant movements in art history. Explore all the different ways 60s art changed the face of creativity forever.