Sonia Aniceto - Maquilleur 2 (detail), 2011, image courtesy of Galeria da Trindade

Sonia Aniceto / Sónia Aniceto

April 20, 2017

Sónia Aniceto is a Portuguese artist, based in Brussels, known for mixing paint and textile, thus creating amazing artworks. The decontextualized stories created by the empty swimming pools, abstract places, and the landscapes contain figurative characters that vary between the human and the puppet, making the viewer wonder in the present and the past, in the fictional and the real. Without any given direction she moves through space, reviving her memories of childhood, imagination, fantasy, and dreams with the help of complex techniques, interpretations, and compositions.

Sonia Aniceto - Série Corps textile, Sortie de secours une bruxelles
Sónia Aniceto - Série Corps textile, Sortie de secours

Sónia Aniceto’s Education

The artist was born in 1976. She studied painting and contemporary tapestry at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon. In 2000 Sónia visited Brussels and participated as an Erasmus student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Aniceto was thrilled with the artistic opportunities the city had to offer, so she decided to come back to Belgium after finishing her studies. There she worked for a while as a resident artist of the Pianofabriek Cultural Center among other places. She also pursued post-graduate seminaries at the Academy, and became a teacher of Fine Arts in 2005. Her pedagogical path is represented in her work of visual arts and scenography teacher, as well as for giving workshops for children with the international organization MUS-E.

Aniceto was thrilled with the artistic opportunities the city had to offer

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Sónia Aniceto - Série Corps textile, Sortie de secours

The Style and The Language

Although her first love is painting, the artist discovered textile as the medium that taught her to love materials, discover new techniques, and develop her own taste and style. With this combination, she is able to express the duality of her journey, through the use of two languages, with the aim to create symbiosis and a dialogue. The collision of unknown opens up perspectives and gives new ideas. Sónia’s pieces are nostalgic, original and feminine, creating emotional and affective imagery of her adventures in Belgium and Portugal.

Sónia’s pieces are nostalgic, original and feminine

Sonia Aniceto – Série Dédale, Les Curieuses (Left) / Sonia Aniceto – video cookies
Sónia Aniceto – Série Dédale, Les Curieuses (Left) / Décision (Right)


Her early works are very intimate, giving accent to memories, and family photos, today they are more focused on the question of identity. Her inspiration comes from Michael Borremans, Peter Doig, and Neo Rauch. Aniceto’s pieces are part of both private and public collections. Galleries and museums in France, Ukraine, Great Britain, and the USA regularly exhibit her artworks.

She is represented by the Galerie Martine Ehmer.

The artist lives and works in Brussels.

Featured image: Sónia Aniceto - Maquilleur 2 (detail), 2011 - Photo copyright of Galeria da Trindade
All other images courtesy of the artist and Galerie Martine Ehmer