Stanley Donwood

Stanley Donwood / Dan Rickwood


As winter approaches, art fairs and exhibitions are piling up with a lot of content to admire, such as ArtBasel in Miami beach right around the corner.

Joe Web - artwork (segment)

As we get closer to Christmas, we shall have a chance to enjoy and acquire inspiring art pieces…

c215-paris-vitry (1)

This summer, Chicago will be the stage for some of the leading artists in the field of street and urban art.


Lollapalooza is a huge annual music festival held in several locations around the world, including Grant Park, Chicago. This year, the Chicago festival will also host a huge art exhibit curated by artist Shepard Fairey.


MTV Re:Define exhibition is curated by The Future Tense and Peter Doroshenko, and since the theme of the year is rock n’ roll, it will also feature a special sonic theme curated by Richard Phillips.


Karim Zeriahen first solo exhibition at Lazarides challenges his audience’s notion of individual identity by commenting on the replacement of religions by the commercial art world's admiration of the idolatry of branded individuals.


Following the success of Brett Amory’s 2012 and 2013 exhibitions, Twenty-Four in San Francisco and Twenty-Four in New York, Lazarides Rathbone will present twenty-four paintings of London's most iconic locations.