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Stefan Strumbel

Urban Art, Pop Art
Stefan Strumbel - Screenprints, sculpture

Die Kunstagetin gallery from Cologne has presented a great collection of urban art pieces, perfect as Christmas presents for all art lovers.


Contemporary and urban art exhibitions taking place next week is: VinZ at SOON; Stefan Strumbel at Circle Culture; the Insight group Show at Magda Danysz Gallery in Shanghai; My Dog Sighs at Vertical; KAWS at Honor Fraser and more...

What The Fuck Is Heimat

The reinterpretation of objects is the process which is inherit to the notion of space as well and this is something that is so inherent to urban art. How dos this transpire to our story or, to put it simply - what the fuck is Heimat?


Berlin Fashion Week not only attracts fashion people but also art people that seize the chance of trans-art inspiration and collaboration. For all those art people traveling to the German capital for Fashion Week – This one is for you!


German contemporary artist Stefan Strumbel created one of his signature “Kuckucksuhren” for the Baden Wuerttemberg campaign “Heimat Großer Kunst”. An art print of the “Kuckucksuhr” is included in this month’s edition of the art magazine Monopol. ...