Steven Maslach - Long Boat Green, 2019

Steven Maslach

Kinetic Art

November 5, 2020

Steven Maslach is an American contemporary artist widely known and recognized for his glass sculptures that are highly valued and sought after. After 47 years as a glassmaker, in 2016, he became unsatisfied with predictable color and light reflected from opaque surfaces. Choosing to change his approach, Maslach’s new works are light sculptures. Light is collected within the glass and is filtered and reflected to the viewer. If observed from a low angle, the glass appears colorless. As the viewer approaches the point of direct reflection, light and color is maximized. The pieces, although stationary, are kinetic, as the light and color within the work are in motion.

Featured image: Steven Maslach - Long Boat Green, 2019. Cast Glass. 6 1/2 × 42 × 6 1/2 in. 16.5 × 106.7 × 16.5 cm. Photo courtesy Whistler Contemporary