Stohead - Photo Credits - Nils Mueller

Stohead / Unknown

Urban Art
Graffiti & Street Art   |   Elena Martinique

METROPOLINK 2018 returns to Heidelberg for the fourth time, creating an entire village that will serve as a testing ground for creative endeavors.

Stohead - Neue Ordnung (detail)
Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

After quite an eventful year, Stohead will bring his works to Galerie Droste in an exhibition that will serve as a snapshot of his unique practice.

Zedz by Henrik Haven (5)
Graffiti & Street Art   |   Elena Martinique

For the 2016 edition, Heerlen Murals organized a wide range of interventions and activities in and around the center of the city of Heerlen.

Top Lists   |   Silka P

The amazing calligraphy art is both a source of inspiration and a growing force of graffiti art expression. Explore the 10 pieces you can own right now

Collaboration Work, Heiko Zahlmann and Stohead - Clash II, 2016. Acrylic on canvas, 150x200 cm
Exhibition Announcements   |   Angie Kordic

The duo exhibition of two distincs artists from Germany soon at Galerie Zimmerling and Jungfleisch. What happens when two abstract artists join forces?

Stohead - The Journey
Exhibition Announcements   |   Angie Kordic

Seven remarkable urban artists gather at Galerie Zimmerling and Jungfleisch for a showcase of never-before and rare artworks straight from their Backroom.

Exhibition Announcements   |   Silka P

The new group exhibition at the Galerie LE FEUVRE in Paris, offers its public a glimpse into the most vibrant and inspirational urban artists of today

Heiko Zahlmann - Untitled, Varnish on light Concrete,  63 x 63cm,   2016
Graffiti & Street Art, Exhibition Announcements   |   Lorenzo Pereira

BC Gallery from Berlin organizes a duo exhibition with new works by German artists Heiko Zahlmann and Stohead