Su Yang - Untitled, 2019 (detail)

Su Yang

December 10, 2020

Su Yang, also known as Jan Sol, is a Chinese photographer known for works that highlight his quiet yet spiritual and contemplative world. Born into a family with traditional roots in painting, he was encouraged to study art from a young age. Acquiring his first camera during college, Yang began translating his ideas and thoughts into the medium of photography. Realizing the love he feels working behind the lenses, he dedicated himself completely to life with a camera at its center. Su Yang/Jan Sol currently lives and works in Shanghai.

Featured image: Su Yang - Untitled, 2019 (detail). Pigmented Inkjet Print. 23 3/5 × 35 2/5 × 1/5 in. 60 × 90 × 0.4 cm. Edition of 3. This work is part of a limited edition set. Photo courtesy 193 Gallery