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Dondi White & Zephyr - Heroin Kills Train Car
Graffiti & Street Art   |   Eli Anapur

This feature explains the historical trajectory of train graffiti and charts some of the important names in their development.

5 Pointz I. Image via huffingtonpost.com
Graffiti & Street Art   |   Eli Anapur

5 Points graffti art center in New York ceased to exist in 2014. In this feature we analyze its turbulent history and a lasting legacy.

BLU - Graffiti In Berlin
Top Lists, Graffiti & Street Art   |   M Felix

Throughout the history, the cultural tourism has been a lucrative business, but street art and its mechanisms changed the rules of the game.

Style Wars - Graffiti Film, Dondi
Top Lists, Graffiti & Street Art   |   Steve Gray

Graffiti history - a look at 10 important moments that have helped shape the graffiti and street art movement, from Cornbread to David Choe.

Graffiti Art
Graffiti & Street Art   |   Steve Gray

The 20th century GRAFFITI ART and its rise - a look at some of the prime artists in the development of writing that turned street art into what it is today

Not many people can say that they have a tunnel named after them. Artist named Chris Pape aka Freedom can say it.

Graffiti & Street Art   |   Ana Bambic

Tapping into the history of the graffiti movement, we find that some figures among artist stand out with the impact they had on later writers and art world alike: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Futura 2000.