Thomas Canto - portrait, image courtesy of the artist

Thomas Canto

October 2, 2015

Thomas Canto is a French artist who explores urban art through canvas, installations, sculptures, live performances, and even sprays or water paint, glue, oil, Chinese ink...

Canto was born in France where he started to make graffiti in 1995. Soon, this artist started to use other mediums and techniques, like imaginary architectures paintings, dynamic calligraphies, light painting and even body painting. Thomas also founded and manages the gallery in Lyon named N2O where he has exhibited the work of many artists from the contemporary urban scene.

Canto’s personal vision of the world around him and his environment is transported directly on canvas as he proposes a vision of the mixtures of the city in sections of walls or blue prints, and on the other hand its humanity and individuality. His work is very architectural in its nature, with clean lines and precise geometry. Canto’s art is influenced by Op art and architecture as he tries to create worlds that toe the line between order and chaos. Also, Thomas draws inspiration from his own memories and his own relationship with the city. His artworks are sort of a mixture of graffiti, posters and the surreal architecture of his futuristic cities, with a clear absence of any trace of mankind. The artist’s patience and a meticulous work are displayed in his art, giving almost industrial aspect to his pieces.

The artist is represented by Fabien Castanier Gallery.

Thomas Canto lives and works in Lyon, France.