Tunku Khalsom – portrait

Tunku Khalsom

Abstract Art

October 8, 2020

Born in Johor, Malaysia, to a Malay Father and a British Mother, Tunku Khalsom grew up in Kuala Lumpur with her three brothers. She moved to the UK when she was 17, spending the next eight years living in London and then Brighton, where she attended University, studying Interior Architecture and graduating in 2006. After living in the UK, she went back to Kuala Lumpur for a couple of years before moving to Singapore in 2010. Khalsom’s background in Interior Architecture, where she designed hotels and resorts, has helped her understand spaces as a whole, and concerning her art, it has also helped her learn composition and balance.

Now she creates abstract paintings, which exude fluidity and stunning color while embracing the concepts of life, love, and change. These paintings contain layered abstract backgrounds, figurative elements, geometric shapes, saturated and neon colors. Skulls and butterflies are the recurring motifs in her work: “As we already know, butterflies are a symbol of change, of metamorphosis, and combined with the skull you’ve got life, death, change and love, all the things that we experience in life.” Khalsom is inspired by Nat Bowen, Sue Arrowsmith, and of course, Damien Hirst. Her pieces are included in private collections around the world – in Singapore, Malaysia, London, USA, Brunei, Australia, and Greece.

Featured image: Tunku Khalsom – portrait. Photo courtesy Addicted Art Gallery