Valentina Bilbao - ALEGRIA, 2018 (detail)

Valentina Bilbao

Abstract Art

November 26, 2020

Born in Caracas, Valentina Bilbao is a Venezuelan contemporary artist widely known and recognized for her abstract paintings. She has shown interest in the Arts from an early age, through her talent for painting and poetry, as well as by a love for music, which is today her central source of inspiration and the main media for her paintings. There are two characteristics in her work – the first is the use of diverse colors, which distinguishes each artwork; the second is the circular form, which suggests cosmic creation, birth, and expansion. Valentina Bilbao lives and works in Davie, FL, the United States.

Featured image: Valentina Bilbao - ALEGRIA, 2018 (detail). Acrylic on Canvas. 72 × 72 in. 182.9 × 182.9 cm. Photo courtesy Eternity Gallery