Vidal Toreyo

Abstract Art, Post-painterly Abstraction

December 9, 2020

Vidal Toreyo is an Argentinean contemporary artist whose painting style could be described as Post-Painterly Abstraction. Born in the Chubut region, the rough, coarse nature of his surroundings inspired him to pursue studying painting. He embraced abstract expressionism, an art form not limited by any particular compositional rigor. Toreyo creates colorful patches, lines, and patterns, letting the drama dominate his work by using color as a strong element. Over the next fifteen years, his work has evolved in a continuous process from expressionist representations strongly dependent on primitive art to new aesthetics of creating images. Currently, he is focused on alternating, mixing traditional and modern techniques by combining action images with a bold calligraphic style. He stays away from rhythmic and smooth, and his paintings contain many interacting layers, resulting in a surprising visual experience. Vidal Toreyo spends most of the year in Lima, where he studied, but occasionally goes back to the Andes to see his siblings and to enjoy the view of the mountains.