Vladimir Tatlin - Artist's portrait - Image via wikipediaorg

Vladimir Tatlin / Vladimir Yevgraphovich Tatlin

Museum voor Schone Kunsten (MSK), via stad
Art News   |   Andrey V.

Following an unexpected turn of events, Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Ghent decided to remove the questionable Russian avant-garde art from their exhibition.

Alexey Shchusev - Lenin's Mausoleum - Image via about-eastern-europecom
Architecture   |   Andrey V.

We take a look at Soviet architecture and its monumental style which is often referred to as the 20th century's most austere manner of constructing structures

Norman Rockwell - The Problem We All Live With, 1964, detail
Artwork(s) In Focus, Top Lists, Art History, Socially Engaged Art   |   Maria R

What is political art? Is it different than the art itself? Could it be the art besides the politics?

Marcel Duchamp - The Fountain, 1917
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What is avant garde ? Read about the most groundbreaking art movement of the 20th century - how avant garde affected music, theatre, photography, and visual arts.