Will Barras

Urban Art
Milan Hrnjazovic - Lovers, 2012
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From Pop Art to contemporary drawings and Urban Art, we bring you some Valentine's Day art that might just be the perfect gift for your significant other.

Will Barras - Shipwrecked (detail)
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Taking us back to the place of his childhood memories, the acclaimed artist Will Barras will showcase his latest body of work at Fousion Gallery in Barcelona.

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MACRO Museum Rome presents Cross the Streets exhibition, an overview of the Street Art movement that influenced the collective imagination.

Will Barras - Xi She, detail.
Exhibition Announcements   |   Eli Anapur

Into the Middle of Things is an upcoming show at Die Kunstagentin Gallery of Will Barras art, who is one of the pioneers of the British urban art scene.

Know Hope

Urban artists Know Hope, Hense and Will Barras will be on view in Cologne, in an exhibition at Die Kunstagentin as part of the CityLeaks festival 2015


When it comes to organizing a group exhibition, the goal is to find artists who share same style, recognition and popularity. Amsterdam’s Kallenbach Gallery found all these criteria in two UK’s wonderfully talented artists, Will Barras and Jon Fox.