Yann Gerstberger - AGUAJE, 2018 (detail)

Yann Gerstberger

August 16, 2013

A French-born and Mexican-based artist, Yann Gerstberger creates textile tapestries that depict narratives inspired by patterns found in Mexican popular culture, art history and nature. His vocabulary references the Fábulas Pánicas of Jodorowsky, the fantasy of the tropical seen from Europe, postgraffiti and the history of abstraction and its repertoire of ambiguous and mystical shapes.

Born in 1983 in Cagnes sur Mer, France, Gerstberger has been living and working in Mexico City since 2012. He received his BFA and MFA from Beaux Arts de Marseille, France in 2005 and 2007. He exhibited in a range of venues, including Tonus, Paris, France, Sorry We Are Closed, Brussels, Belgium, Michael Jon Gallery, Miami, USA, Le Confort Moderne, Poitiers, France, Galerie Alain Gutharc, Mexico, Mexico, and Parallel Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico.

For producing his textile works, the artist conceived his own technique where he glues cotton fibers (taken from mops) one by one onto vinyl in order to form colorful surfaces, which are then mixed with industrial fabric, preferably the patterned or textured ones he finds in the city's markets. These cotton fibers are dyed by hand, using a mixture of natural Mexican dyes such as cochineal, and industrial ones like Citocol, the most basic dye that can be found in the supermarket.

Featured image: Yann Gerstberger - AGUAJE, 2018 (detail). Pastel oil and chalk on wood. 59 1/10 × 48 in. 150 × 122 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy Galería OMR