Yi Ten Lai

September 3, 2020

Born in Bailén, Spain, Yi Ten Lai is an artist who works in various mediums, including engraving, performance, the décollage technique, the artist's book, ceramics, and origami. She studied Visual Arts in Valencia, Madrid and Fine Arts in Berlin under Hito Steyerl, taking an interest in the pictorial discipline and other practices of contemporary poetics. She has completed her training with very diverse artists such as Vincent Desiderio, Antonio López, Sangram Majundar, and Yutaka Makino, also collaborating as a performer with Esther Ferrer at the National Museum Reina Sofía in Madrid (2017). During her stay at the UdK in Berlin, she delved into the use of sound as a plastic element, thereby developing work with a temporal dimension. Lai’s work has recently been shown at Kunstsaele Berlin, Barananas in Reykjavík, Iceland, and at the Cultural Center of Juan Prado, Valdemoro, Spain. She lives and works in Berlin.