Zeehan Wazed

Abstract Art

October 26, 2020

Born in Benghazi, Libya, Zeehan Wazed is a contemporary artist whose work in painting, sculpture, choreography, and creative new media explores the relationship between physical and psychological reality today. He immigrated to the US in 1994 and was raised in Jamaica, Queens. Taking the subway to Stuyvesant high-school each day, he quickly discovered the flourishing subterranean universe of graffiti and street performance, becoming a champion dancer, prolific graffiti artist, and delinquent-darling before his graduation. Wazed went on to study Perceptual Psychology at Baruch College. However, when his graffiti career became a threat to his immigration status, he turned to the canvas. His works, infused by the artist’s past, passion for psychology, and freestyle dance, spark the viewers’ imagination with an image, design, or movement, at first appearing random and abstract. The audience begins to discern familiarities within seconds of interacting with the paintings due to Wazed’s coded approach that activates the mind’s natural tendency to seek out patterns and personal connections everywhere we look. He is currently experimenting with Augmented Reality on his paintings and plans to add AR to some of his other works, such as murals.