Zhu Ming - 18 O'clock July 3rd (Chaidamu, Qinghai), 2014 (detail)

Zhu Ming

Conceptual Art

November 27, 2020

Zhu Ming is a Chinese artist known for his performances and photographs, which depict the artist inside of a highly symbolic transparent balloon. Whether representing a return to a primordial state, an escape from the rigid social conformity, or a contemporary Vanitas, his works are infused with various layers of significance. Born in Hunan Province, Ming’s idea of the bubble was derived from his experiences of washing clothes by hand, a daily practice that started when he was nine years old. The foam, made up of clusters of tiny, individual bubbles, nurtured his inspiration. Dealing with vulnerability, his oeuvre is distinguished by great conceptual concision and often restricted to closed environments. Ming explores the concepts of isolation and vulnerability, which speak of the explicit and implicit pain that results from both external and internal forces - forces that are socially and intuitionally oppressive, and psychologically driven. He has participated in several pivotal group exhibitions and performances, including at the Guggenheim Museum (NYC), the Tate Modern (London), and The Victoria & Albert Museum (London), becoming one of the most inspiring performers from China. Since 1993, Zhu Ming is based in Beijing.

Featured image: Zhu Ming - 18 O'clock July 3rd (Chaidamu, Qinghai), 2014 (detail). Archival pigment print. 35 2/5 × 57 1/10 in. 90 × 145 cm. Edition of 8. This is part of a limited edition set. Photo courtesy Echo Fine Arts