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Highlights of Artprice's Contemporary Art Market Report 2017

  • Frieze Art Fair London 2015
September 28, 2017
A philosophy graduate interested in critical theory, politics and art. Alias of Jelena Martinović.

As the art world prepares for Frieze Art Fair in London and the FIAC in Paris, Artprice brings us its Contemporary Art Market Annual Report 2017 that we have all been waiting for. Overall, the report shows that the Contemporary Art Market enjoys relatively good liquidity and is substantially profitable over the medium and long terms, managing to retain its early-2000s vitality. In the midst of the chronic financial and economic crisis affecting the world economy since 2007, the Art Market seems like a desert oasis. According to Thierry Ehrmann, Artprice’s founder and CEO, Contemporary Art is the segment that has now emerged as the art market’s primary locomotive, a role historically played by Modern Art. With a turnover growth of 1,400% in 17 years, Contemporary Art has gone from 3% of the Art Market share to more than 17%. So let’s take a look at the highlights of the Contemporary Art Market Annual Report for 2017!

Global Contemporary Art auction revenue
Global Contemporary Art auction revenue, via

The Current Trends

After 18 months of slowdown, the Art Market as a whole is looking in better shape. The recovery is largely due to the performance of Contemporary Art, becoming the most exhilarating segment of today’s Art Market. Factors like a first public sale, a sharp spike in demand, a rapid capital gain, a new record, the attitude adopted by auctioneers and their results, reveal the latest trends as in what buyers are currently interested in and the potential of these markets.

The first place in the top 10 auction results in Contemporary Art belongs to Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Untitled from 1982, reaching the stunning hammer price of $110,487,500, followed by his La Hara from 1981, reaching the hammer price of $34,967,500, Peter Doig’s Rosedale from 1991, reaching the hammer price of $28,811,000, Christopher Wool’s Untitled from 1988, reaching the hammer price of $17,159,500, Mark Grotjahn’s Untitled (S III Released to France Face 43,14) from 2011, reaching the hammer price of $16,767,500, Doig’s Cobourg 3+1 More from 1994, reaching the hammer price of $15,515,147, Basquiat’s Untitled (One eyed Man Or Xerox Face) from 1982, reaching the hammer price of $14,607,319, Zeng Fanzhi’s Mask Series 1996 No. 6 (面具系列1996No.6) from 1996, reaching the hammer price of $13,516,074, Rudolf Stingel’s Untitled (After Sam) from 2006, reaching the hammer price of $10,551,500, and Wool’s Untitled from 2007, reaching the hammer price of $8,704,602.

German artists today represent 6% of the world’s Top 500 artists, being one of the most firmly established nationalities on the international market due. Standing out for their phenomenal success abroad, nine German artists are figuring among the Top 100 by auction turnover. Among artists who generated truly remarkable results are Anselm Kiefer, with nearly $24 million in turnover, Albert OehlenWolfgang Tillmans, Günther Förg, Thomas Schütte, and Rosemarie Trockel, who have all been enjoying strong price inflation, as well as Martin Kippenberger, Neo Rauch, and Thomas Struth. Doing better than British star Damien Hirst, Albert Oehlen has been in great demand on the secondary art market after a New York show at the Gagosian, demonstrating the sensitivity of the Contemporary Art Market to “prestige news”.

The interest in artists of African origin has risen significantly, revealing another hot sub-segment of the Contemporary Art Market and fostering the emergence of new buyers. Increasingly sought-after by collectors and museums, artists from the African continent have been rising in demand due to a number of major exhibitions that have generated cultural news and good media coverage, as well as several commercial initiatives that include the AKAA in Paris, the fair entirely focused on African Art, and the dedication of Art Paris 2017 edition to Africa. The top-ranking artists of African origin, including Njideka Akunyili Crosby, William Kentridge, Marlene Dumas, Julie Mehretu, and Ghada Amer, reflect Africa’s enormous creative diversity. This market is still young and undergoing many changes, representing a good starting point for a collection.

On the other hand, Chinese artists dominate best auction debuts ranking, which records the best result in the year for artists who had no previous auction history. This reflects the appetite of Chinese buyers for Contemporary work in ink, evoking the great traditional culture of China. Some of the new recruits to this sector are Xue Haitao, Bian Xuesong, Du Xinyuan, Yuan Shi and Zheng Faxiang. However, the presence of Wang Zhongjun, the highest ranked Chinese artist who fetched $540,000 in June 2017 at Beijing’s Poly International, presents a surprise in the ranking. Another artist who looks very promising on the international scene is Wang Yuyang, the most experimental artist of his generation whose latest selling record stands at $303,000.

Top 500 Contemporary artists
Distribution of the Top 500 Contemporary artists by continents, via

The Popularity of Street Art

Street Art has been fully adopted into the commercial Art world, seducing an increasing number of collectors for its vibrancy, non-elitism and the attractiveness to the mass media. The presence of Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey, Banksy and KAWS in the ranking of the world’s Top 10 Contemporary artists by the number of works sold last year, suggests a clear trend among collectors and positions Street Art as one of the most dynamic sub-segments of today’s Contemporary Art Market.

Starting as Graffiti writers in the New York subway, the pioneers of Street Art, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring are today being acquired by major Art collections. The world’s highest priced Contemporary artist, Basquiat now enjoys an annual turnover of $313.5 million. With demand exceeding supply due to his limited oeuvre, the prices for his best works are driven not so much by intrinsic market value as by the avidity of the world’s most powerful buyers with almost unlimited financial resources. This makes Basquiat one of the rare artists whose works have publicly sold above $100 million, besides Picasso, Modigliani, Bacon, Giacometti, Munch and Warhol.

Banksy is another artist whom Street Art owes much of its popularity to. Opening a new chapter in art history ten years ago, Banksy phenomenon imposed itself as one of the new profitable segments of the market. While the success of his works has considerably diminished at auctions since 2008, the artist remains very much in the media’s eye. There is also a rising demand for a whole new generation of artists such as Os Gemeos, gaining a new sales record of $310,000, KAWS, increasingly generating 6-digit results and almost doubling his auction turnover in two years, Barry McGee, fetching over $100,000 and Shepard Fairey, doubling his annual auction turnover since 2012. A strong trend involving a variety of collector profiles, Street Art still has an interesting growth potential.

Top 20 Contemporary Artists by Number of Lots Sold

RankArtistLots SoldAuction revenue
1Takashi MURAKAMI (1962)3738059701
2Keith HARING (1958-1990)35034823067
3Shepard FAIREY (1970)343952518
4BANKSY (1974)2796042397
5Damien HIRST (1965)26830071188
6Yoshitomo NARA (1959)22335878411
7Günther FÖRG (1952-2013)1719055465
8Philippe PASQUA (1965)168718670
9KAWS (1974)1506273765
10Robert COMBAS (1957)1462440123
11William KENTRIDGE (1955)1215185884
12Peter HOWSON (1958)121800981
13Renato Natale CHIESA (1947)119126444
14Deborah HALPERN (1957)11899270
15Hiroshi SUGIMOTO (1948)1092236209
16James RIZZI (1950-2011)107172733
17David BROMLEY (1960)102211066
18Norman Clive CATHERINE (1949)101518412
19Robert MAPPLETHORPE (1946-1989)992892296
20Jean-Michel BASQUIAT (1960-1988)98313520830

Top 500 Contemporary Artists

When it comes to the construction of contemporary art prices, the abundance of auction results has induced it into a perfectly structured process. It is now clear that event-triggered information and news of any kind immediately integrates into artists’ prices and price indices. Therefore, the evolution of Global Top 500 artists shows a coherent and structured evolution of the market, at the same time revealing the preferences of art collectors and art professionals. With the Art Market becoming structurally efficient over the last 17 years, Contemporary Art is a segment that represents a competitive alternative investment to financial markets. However, in order to ensure to obtain an interesting return on a resale, collectors have to take into account the liquidity of each artist, his or her annual volume of sales, and the geographical distribution of the artist’s market. Above all, it is important to remember that the prices that a Contemporary artist commands depend on information, the primary factor in “value creation”.

For more, please go to Contemporary Art Market Annual Report 2017 on Artprice!

Top 500 Contemporary Artists

RankArtistAuction TurnoverSold LotsBest Result
1Jean-Michel BASQUIAT (1960-1988)31352083098110487500
2Peter DOIG (b. 1959)606516624028810000
3Christopher WOOL (b. 1955)526225054517159500
4Rudolf STINGEL (b. 1956)515398402810551500
5Mark GROTJAHN (b. 1968)390463201716767500
6Richard PRINCE (b. 1949)36020684565847500
7Yoshitomo NARA (b. 1959)358784112233103911
8Keith HARING (1958-1990)348230673506537500
9ZENG Fanzhi (b. 1964)310997802313516074
10Damien HIRST (b. 1965)300711882685850000
11Adrian GHENIE (b. 1977)28267616359054022
12Anselm KIEFER (b. 1945)23999092403063008
13Albert OEHLEN (b. 1954)18552016283619672
14Mark BRADFORD (b. 1961)16374654104773760
15Jeff KOONS (b. 1955)15604353657863500
16Thomas SCHÜTTE (b. 1954)14920829195175500
17ZHANG Xiaogang (b. 1958)14629862365556717
18John CURRIN (b. 1962)13526334912007500
19George CONDO (b. 1957)13313752731006000
20ZHOU Chunya (b. 1955)13147163392124234
21Sean SCULLY (b. 1945)11971151561692500
22Njideka Akunyili CROSBY (b. 1983)1064367093072754
23LUO Zhongli (b. 1948)9801819157249370
24Günther FÖRG (1952-2013)9055465171798453
25Takashi MURAKAMI (b. 1962)80597013732944939
26Miquel BARCELO (b. 1957)7970086203598370
27LIU Wei (b. 1965)7742395172092138
28Cecily BROWN (b. 1969)739289892420779
29LIU Xiaodong (b. 1963)7133015102699280
30Cindy SHERMAN (b. 1954)7046636541032500
31AI Weiwei (b. 1957)6901340283370000
32Robert GOBER (b. 1954)6677835105287500
33Jonas WOOD (b. 1977)6646336331152500
34Martin KIPPENBERGER (1953-1997)6404738374860972
35KAWS (b. 1974)6273765150410560
36BANKSY (b. 1974)6042397279417437
37Mike KELLEY (1954-2012)5980107192887500
38Wolfgang TILLMANS (b. 1968)568429349783717
39Antony GORMLEY (b. 1950)558631045847500
40Anish KAPOOR (b. 1954)5557394371241323
41Urs FISCHER (b. 1973)547730593367500
42Wade GUYTON (b. 1972)5455312141990000
43Joe BRADLEY (b. 1975)5393546131807500
44William KENTRIDGE (b. 1955)5185884121437006
45LIU Ye (b. 1964)5138893201822392
46LIU Dan (b. 1953)500014623701000
47Glenn LIGON (b. 1960)4653879191212500
48LENG Jun (b. 1963)453252354054383
49CHEN Yifei (1946-2005)4364873141028399
50Neo RAUCH (b. 1960)4321821271031576
51WANG Mingming (b. 1952)414513068960963
52FANG Lijun (b. 1963)4019403102671680
53YUE Minjun (b. 1962)3917123241866471
54WANG Guangyi (b. 1957)375528333724937
55Robert LONGO (b. 1953)347202369346000
56FANG Chuxiong (b. 1950)339523387467866
57Marlene DUMAS (b. 1953)3318418351872500
58Chen LI (b. 1963)3312987141008438
59HE Jiaying (b. 1957)329904922484242
60Tony CRAGG (b. 1949)326301236586000
61MAO Yan (b. 1968)317024891483592
62Rosemarie TROCKEL (b. 1952)3167057221488091
63ZHANG Enli (b. 1965)307093113626104
64SHI Guoliang (b. 1956)3035603371083128
65Christine AY TJOE (b. 1973)297538091503676
66Ronald VENTURA (b. 1973)296515318907455
67Robert MAPPLETHORPE (1946-1989)289229699487500
68Maurizio CATTELAN (b. 1960)2820147601507500
69Franz WEST (1947-2012)277196744871500
70XING Dong (b. 1962)275098322675728
71GENG Jianyi (b. 1962)269928012699280
72Robert COMBAS (b. 1957)2440123146214488
73Barkley Leonnard HENDRICKS (1945-2017)23937507960500
74LI Jinkun (b. 1958)237195229548376
75Jim HODGES (b. 1957)234988371332500
76Andreas GURSKY (b. 1955)234839114847500
77Sterling RUBY (b. 1972)233606119597179
78REN Zhong (b. 1976)231435330269928
79WANG Yancheng (b. 1960)230912992003760
80YANG Feiyun (b. 1954)228775551183350
81Hiroshi SUGIMOTO (b. 1948)2236209109241686
82Thomas STRUTH (b. 1954)221308635779272
83Vik MUNIZ (b. 1961)210657651150000
84Michaël BORREMANS (b. 1963)20921289498563
85DING Yi (b. 1962)204642417319680
86LIN Yongsong (b. 1963)203188131036845
87LIU Wei (b. 1972)19553808674360
88Felix GONZALEZ-TORRES (1957-1996)18704124912500
89WANG Guangle (b. 1976)18195759626453
90Julie MEHRETU (b. 1970)1812461111567500
91Hiroshi SENJU (b. 1958)177858783123370
92Deborah BUTTERFIELD (b. 1949)17417508468500
93XIE Nanxing (b. 1970)173725051070291
94Julian OPIE (b. 1958)17202888791908
95David SALLE (b. 1952)171771225583500
96Farhad MOSHIRI (b. 1963)169403112308550
97Ya Tsai CHIU (1949-2013)169100120198600
98MI Qiaoming (b. 1986)16778794741796
99Julian SCHNABEL (b. 1951)158795624451500
100XU Qinsong (b. 1952)156155414326104
101XU Lei (b. 1963)15327175645392
102Bernd & Hilla BECHER (b. 1959)150224040357519
103Sherrie LEVINE (b. 1947)149491010395097
104Barbara KRUGER (b. 1945)142207813384500
105MAO Xuhui (b. 1956)141173814225574
106WANG Xijing (b. 1946)139102328641953
107AI Xuan (b. 1947)138506320422625
108Eric FISCHL (b. 1948)137986316967500
109YIN Zhaoyang (b. 1970)13494089325611
110Ali BANISADR (b. 1976)13315605504190
111Thomas RUFF (b. 1958)132389260240379
112HONG Ling (b. 1955)128857018273782
113Henry TAYLOR (b. 1958)128788210235500
114Timothy Austin STORRIER (b. 1949)126878441182113
115Harold ANCART (b. 1980)12472336751500
116WANG Yin (b. 1964)12407388267573
117Martin GRELLE (b. 1954)122920822208845
118TIAN Liming (b. 1955)121940625165218
119Peter HALLEY (b. 1953)120824525243750
120DUAN Jianyu (b. 1972)12031508351189
121Tracey EMIN (b. 1963)119806880119006
122XU Lele (b. 1955)119623638337180
123QIU Xiaofei (b. 1977)11874096370898
124LIU Dawei (b. 1945)116108128653315
125Taeho KIM (b. 1948)115577127134749
126Pablo ATCHUGARRY (b. 1954)114991219439500
127Seth PRICE (b. 1973)114465611356701
128WANG Yidong (b. 1955)113487610659968
129Katharina GROSSE (b. 1961)111713324154316
130WANG Zhongjun (b. 1960)11150883539488
131Kohei NAWA (b. 1975)111176516438786
132FAN Yang (b. 1955)110654339215795
133Juan MUÑOZ (1953-2001)10935245615659
134CHEN Zhen (1955-2000)10833037488911
135Francis ALYS (b. 1959)107441616225737
136Chi Gyun OH (b. 1956)106658315282754
137WANG Xingwei (b. 1969)10501473936505
138Oscar MURILLO (b. 1986)10428138250072
139Jeff ELROD (b. 1966)10291898254416
140Olafur ELIASSON (b. 1967)102137518200000
141LI Jin (b. 1958)101858524195201
142René DANIELS (b. 1950)10101065598688
143Danh VO (b. 1975)9922239364372
144Jeff WALL (b. 1946)9886512672500
145Isa GENZKEN (b. 1948)97818517408500
146Aya TAKANO (b. 1976)95812017208817
147Shepard FAIREY (b. 1970)95251834367896
148Gabriel OROZCO (b. 1962)94653716367500
149Tetsuya ISHIDA (1973-2005)9414943438786
150Amy SILLMAN (b. 1966)9298757504500
151Tauba AUERBACH (b. 1981)92525011474351
152I Nyoman MASRIADI (b. 1973)8962624319671
153ZHANG Xinquan (b. 1962)8892612453020
154HAO Liang (b. 1983)8869403842950
155Gottfried HELNWEIN (b. 1948)88297534168735
156Paul MCCARTHY (b. 1945)87700216211459
157FENG Yuan (b. 1952)87648221250850
158Tomás SANCHEZ (b. 1948)8758506319500
159Richard ORLINSKI (b. 1966)86873927199966
160Jan FABRE (b. 1958)86596414446862
161PANG Maokun (b. 1963)8633529302013
162Mark TANSEY (b. 1949)8612502792500
163Louise LAWLER (b. 1947)85242619210503
164Ugo RONDINONE (b. 1964)84921316144899
165Laura OWENS (b. 1970)8428365360500
166LI Huayi (b. 1948)8417307284160
167LI Xiang (b. 1962)84092316236187
168Kemal ÖNSOY (b. 1954)8360602684310
169CHEN Danqing (b. 1953)8275246463358
170Berlinde DE BRUYCKERE (b. 1964)8186157435306
171XIN Dongwang (1963-2014)8092697623783
172PENG Changan (b. 1965)8064953283866
173SU Xiaobai (b. 1949)8052505304203
174Lynette YIADOM-BOAKYE (b. 1977)8031576266182
175Peter HOWSON (b. 1958)800981121215366
176Piotr UKLANSKI (b. 1969)8001215376737
177Raymond PETTIBON (b. 1957)79935031212538
178Kerry James MARSHALL (b. 1955)7913753684500
179HUANG Yuxing (b. 1975)78112215152356
180YAN Ping (b. 1956)76711210202722
181JONONE (b. 1963)7661175754542
182Ziqi YE (b. 1957)76562610309815
183CAO Li (b. 1954)75336512265879
184John ARMLEDER (b. 1948)75322516135828
185Guillermo David KUITCA (b. 1961)7427506511500
186Anselm REYLE (b. 1970)7393501698704
187Chéri SAMBA (b. 1956)72222420140280
188JIANG Hongwei (b. 1957)72116216101154
189Philippe PASQUA (b. 1965)71867016875000
190XUE Liang (b. 1956)7099209367913
191INVADER (b. 1969)69911147273113
192XU Bing (b. 1955)69602411198582
193Bill HAMMOND (b. 1947)69548720169073
194YAN Pei-Ming (b. 1960)6885897202166
195CHEN Yongqiang (b. 1948)68276535300771
196Nicole EISENMAN (b. 1965)6781252670000
197CAO Yong (b. 1954)6713132418428
198LIU Rendao (b. 1964)6682102577091
199Iwamoto MASAKAZU (b. 1969)6660949288545
200Marc QUINN (b. 1964)66471121116559
201Kelley WALKER (b. 1969)6525715211095
202Wim DELVOYE (b. 1965)64804920100778
203Jean-Pierre GIBRAT (b. 1954)6454992766294
204Grayson PERRY (b. 1960)63722911144221
205PENG Wei (b. 1974)63584911288545
206CHEN Yupu (b. 1946)6254102182745
207Beatriz MILHAZES (b. 1960)6237399250000
208Glenn BROWN (b. 1966)6209145342598
209Rashid JOHNSON (b. 1977)6173918167167
210Bronwyn OLIVER (1959-2006)6168275216057
211LOU ZhengGang (b. 1966)6155403463358
212LI Laoshi (1957-1996)60381110126443
213Jenny HOLZER (b. 1950)60317424226695
214WANG Yong (b. 1948)60168116168590
215Stephan BALKENHOL (b. 1957)60078736195650
216NAN Haiyan (b. 1962)59989621185449
217Latifa ECHAKHCH (b. 1974)5936097154688
218Roni HORN (b. 1955)5927072297155
219Jaume PLENSA (b. 1955)58894214287500
220Michel MAJERUS (1967-2002)58713114306686
221ZHENG Faxiang (b. 1956)5828263421216
222Su Fan OH (b. 1946)5800201498098
223Makoto SAITO (b. 1952)5782423412479
224Jörg IMMENDORFF (1945-2007)5777875545063
225Thomas HOUSEAGO (b. 1972)5765541197155
226QIN Feng (b. 1961)5765174254034
227Enki BILAL (b. 1951)56903640112116
228Elmer BORLONGAN (b. 1967)56845912210374
229Alex ISRAEL (b. 1982)5638822288882
230CHENG Xiangjun (b. 1961)5622475300564
231Daniel RICHTER (b. 1962)56210022194310
232Erwin WURM (b. 1954)55715225175682
233Mona HATOUM (b. 1952)5544208181378
234Michael Nelson TJAKAMARRA (b. 1949)54944712521581
235Michael KREBBER (b. 1954)5474305242455
236Rebecca WARREN (b. 1965)5428584426187
237Lin ONUS (1948-1996)5401617414109
238Koorosh SHISHEGARAN (b. 1945)5365505162500
239Shihong YANG (b. 1947)53491610104244
240André BUTZER (b. 1973)5326361074915
241TANG Yongli (b. 1951)53137213168590
242Carol BOVE (b. 1971)5279647200000
243MENG Xiangshun (b. 1956)5257588496938
244Elizabeth PEYTON (b. 1965)52257219200000
245Reza DERAKSHANI (b. 1952)5200835181500
246Norman Clive CATHERINE (b. 1949)518412101101148
247ZHU Wei (b. 1966)5183625190344
248Howard ARKLEY (1951-1999)5130005487989
249FENG Dazhong (b. 1949)5080198269430
250WU Weishan (b. 1962)5057701505770
251WU Yueshi (b. 1945)4987253337180
252HE Shaojiao (b. 1948)4889111488911
253Jack VETTRIANO (b. 1951)48799630154861
254YU Hong (b. 1966)4861155161962
255Yinka SHONIBARE (b. 1962)4855694290152
256GUO Runwen (b. 1955)4822357126701
257Mimmo PALADINO (b. 1948)48030053234519
258Rob PRUITT (b. 1965)4786267162500
259Shane COTTON (b. 1964)47637327213032
260FANG Xiang (b. 1967)4763132755090
261Steven PARRINO (1958-2004)4745873274769
262Jiri Georg DOKOUPIL (b. 1954)4740193184310
263Dana SCHUTZ (b. 1976)4719595250000
264YE Yongqing (b. 1958)456422968034
265Karin KNEFFEL (b. 1957)45593416153204
266Lucy MCKENZIE (b. 1977)4542144403731
267Rainer FETTING (b. 1949)4534343887625
268YUAN Wu (b. 1959)45199412165218
269Aaron GARBER-MAIKOVSKA (b. 1978)4519269125000
270Marcello LO GIUDICE (b. 1957)4511401362405
271Joseph KOSUTH (b. 1945)44835115158675
272Giuseppe GALLO (b. 1954)4479594367500
273Leon TARASEWICZ (b. 1957)4473992085660
274Laurence JENKELL (b. 1965)4454968313870
275Nick KNIGHT (b. 1958)4423843304203
276José María CANO (b. 1959)4421832414091
277Lian Ben LAO (b. 1948)44143317111567
278DU Xinyuan (b. 1945)4379292220662
279LI Guijun (b. 1964)4341948169499
280SHEN Jiawei (b. 1948)4301981430198
281Sandro CHIA (b. 1946)42881960122500
282Korakrit ARUNANONDCHAI (b. 1986)4276316106514
283Shane GUFFOGG (b. 1962)4271834265562
284CAI Guoqiang (b. 1957)42625116145011
285Jonathan HOROWITZ (b. 1966)4223464223500
286QIU Zhijie (b. 1969)4201079193500
287SHI Chong (b. 1963)4192813367356
288SUI Jianguo (b. 1956)4188599151731
289GU Dexin (b. 1962)4154641270132
290Nick BRANDT (b. 1966)4111802441958
291Rodel TAPAYA-GARCIA (b. 1980)4111701483785
292Kenny SCHARF (b. 1958)41090218106250
293Sue WILLIAMS (b. 1954)41083211106250
294Kara WALKER (b. 1969)41032413225000
295Gino DE DOMINICIS (1947-1998)4080747207681
296Tomasz TATARCZYK (1947-2010)4080172356859
297Nan GOLDIN (b. 1953)4060394764550
298Josh SMITH (b. 1978)4060061868008
299ZHU Xinjian (1953-2014)4048833960617
300Nabil NAHAS (b. 1949)4031254137500
301Herb RITTS (1952-2002)40237221112500
302OS GEMEOS (b. 1974)4023645310000
303Shirin NESHAT (b. 1957)4014201460000
304FU Zenan (b. 1953)3995002217074
305CHAO Ge (b. 1957)3952213183956
306John ALVIN (1948-2008)3943592394000
307Ross BLECKNER (b. 1949)3926192493750
308Jai-Hyoung HWANG (b. 1952)391638990487
309Bharti KHER (b. 1969)3909714209000
310CUI Xiaodong (b. 1964)3900149207301
311CHENG Conglin (b. 1954)3882695158631
312David OSTROWSKI (b. 1981)3854471485806
313Ok-Sang LIM (b. 1950)3839501097898
314Charline VON HEYL (b. 1960)3833016127360
315XUE Song (b. 1965)3829871381144
316MR BRAINWASH (b. 1966)3827485697500
317Bo BARTLETT (b. 1955)3824698296500
318WANG Yuyang (b. 1979)3810133303462
319Richard MISRACH (b. 1949)3790371775000
320Chris LEVINE (b. 1970)37819712234113
321Francesco CLEMENTE (b. 1952)3772392481250
322CHEN Fei (b. 1983)3765774148937
323CUI Zimo (b. 1967)3733725147164
324Thomas DEMAND (b. 1964)3707007137500
325YUAN Yuan (b. 1973)3699483193349
326JI Dachun (b. 1968)3665581280923
327Wangechi MUTU (b. 1972)3653006187500
328MA Ke (b. 1970)3651491083617
329LIN Mao (b. 1975)3646282300564
330Gunter DAMISCH (1958-2016)3637664540102
331Kristin BAKER (b. 1975)3626551187500
332Richard LONG (b. 1945)36152017118750
333Jonas BURGERT (b. 1969)3592024132763
334FUTURA 2000 (b. 1955)3563672250000
335HE Baili (b. 1945)3544131261275
336Jose John SANTOS III (b. 1970)3535303197999
337SONG Kun (b. 1977)3527695264227
338GU Zhinong (b. 1971)3489932335570
339MOKE (b. 1950-2001)3447042651281
340Jamie WYETH (b. 1946)3426167307500
341Sarah MORRIS (b. 1967)339757971345
342HUANG Gang (b. 1961)3386379183678
343Bernard FRIZE (b. 1954)3372551155801
344WANG Yi (b. 1957)3371801337180
345Charles ARNOLDI (b. 1946)3316222467500
346Philip TAAFFE (b. 1955)3301139106250
347SPEEDY GRAPHITO (b. 1961)3291404131250
348Jenny SAVILLE (b. 1970)3286612328234
349YUAN Shi (b. 1963)3277762200680
350Sylvie FLEURY (b. 1961)32655416162500
351Luca PIGNATELLI (b. 1962)3260453057302
352Jonathan MEESE (b. 1970)3244284436904
353Marilyn MINTER (b. 1948)3243411275000
354SZETO Lap (b. 1949)3234956120843
355Annie CABIGTING (b. 1971)3199133162702
356BAI Yunxiang (b. 1956)3193712202308
357Shinro OHTAKE (b. 1955)31870111232019
358SALVO (1947-2015)3179514125156
359Wilhelm SASNAL (b. 1972)3175281362165
360Kehinde WILEY (b. 1977)3162507125000
361Olivier LEDROIT (b. 1969)3158433735395
362Rick AMOR (b. 1948)31453810177227
363Adam FUSS (b. 1961)3123481561360
364CHEN Ping (b. 1960)31056411116886
365Subodh GUPTA (b. 1964)3098324120389
366Bjarne MELGAARD (b. 1967)30798112114340
367XUE Haitao (b. 1970)3077082153854
368Toshio ARIMOTO (1946-1985)30766024126036
369Matt CONNORS (b. 1973)3075005112500
370Bosco SODI (b. 1970)3054716125000
371Ayako ROKKAKU (b. 1982)3043782527804
372Bae LEE (b. 1956)3043311264449
373TAN Ping (b. 1960)3038525104597
374Sergej JENSEN (b. 1973)303530868473
375LIANG Quan (b. 1948)2985509199410
376Ken CURRIE (b. 1960)29842215124470
377Ron ARAD (b. 1951)2980682298000
378XU Zhen (b. 1977)2970215108791
379Stanley W. CASSELMAN (b. 1963)2959091160495
380YAN Lei (b. 1965)2951072185449
381Norbert BISKY (b. 1970)2949941190470
382LU Fusheng (b. 1949)2941072267573
383Se Yeol OH (b. 1945)293874996225
384Ravinder REDDY (b. 1956)2938103251442
385Abdul Kadir AL-RAES (b. 1951)2932502199500
386Lars LERIN (b. 1954)2929381946022
387Izumi KATO (b. 1969)29068211145160
388Matthew BARNEY (b. 1967)290032787560
389Frederik VÆRSLEV (b. 1979)289001968750
390Cheyney THOMPSON (b. 1975)2890002274000
391Lisa YUSKAVAGE (b. 1962)2885002286000
392Andres BARRIOQUINTO (b. 1975)28660810152751
393SU Shishu (b. 1949)2864102367436
394YANG Fudong (b. 1971)2859316136955
395GUO Shifu (b. 1945)28548330167233
396Idris KHAN (b. 1978)283980771640
397Nicola DE MARIA (b. 1954)2803582042485
398Ivan NAVARRO (b. 1972)279034668008
399XU Li (b. 1961)2788294118013
400Donald BAECHLER (b. 1956)2775873668750
401Matias FALDBAKKEN (b. 1973)2770733262500
402Georg HEROLD (b. 1947)2764451557566
403Christopher WILLIAMS (b. 1956)2756851047500
404Michael KVIUM (b. 1955)2753501852016
405Sergio HERNANDEZ (b. 1957)27458314102912
406Ghada AMER (b. 1963)274454692157
407Jason MARTIN (b. 1970)274389947500
408Carroll DUNHAM (b. 1949)2703056200000
409Tomoo GOKITA (b. 1969)27003810112786
410WANG Guoxin (b. 1947)2695351269535
411John KELLY (b. 1965)268347696659
412RAMMELLZEE (1960-2010)2676129109183
413Zaidong ZHENG (b. 1953)267588888800
414Jacques TARDI (b. 1946)2666233619102
415Nic FIDDIAN-GREEN (b. 1963)2660361266036
416WANG Tiande (b. 1960)2651981153280
417Patrick NAGEL (1945-1984)26432010125000
418XIANG Jing (b. 1968)2638432252885
419David BATES (b. 1952)261750960000
420WU Huan (b. 1953)2617151040135
421Shara HUGHES (b. 1981)261133868750
422Ernst BILLGREN (b. 1957)2609341657307
423Ana MENDIETA (1948-1985)260625881250
424LIU Jiutong (b. 1977)259429856131
425Penny SIOPIS (b. 1953)2586842982122
426Marcin MACIEJOWSKI (b. 1974)25777511113348
427Rachel WHITEREAD (b. 1963)2572571098678
428Giuseppe PENONE (b. 1947)2572247150000
429Geraldine JAVIER (b. 1970)2557006128899
430Mickalene THOMAS (b. 1971)255250687500
431Buen CALUBAYAN (b. 1980)254581692973
432BRAAQ (1951-1997)2538933030922
433Yung Nam PARK (b. 1949)253497675547
434Liza LOU (b. 1969)2532385114121
435HU Jiancheng (b. 1959)2528851252885
436JIANG Shuo (b. 1958)252026667486
437YANG Yang (b. 1953)2516781251678
438Dong-Youb LEE (1946-2013)2515364168904
439Adel ABDESSEMED (b. 1971)2512344188703
440Roberto FABELO (b. 1950)2491605100000
441David LACHAPELLE (b. 1963)2490452330000
442Safwan DAHOUL (b. 1961)2487504125000
443CHEN Ke (b. 1978)2486306137131
444GUO Guan (b. 1976)2475962197426
445Jan MERTA (b. 1952)2473212665988
446YANG Yan (b. 1958)2435772574541
447WU Shanzhuan (b. 1960)2433552159002
448Yusof GHANI (b. 1950)2425432055187
449QIU Deshu (b. 1948)240305960888
450Ruud VAN EMPEL (b. 1958)239809888756
451Ian SCOTT (1945-2013)2394663337010
452Awang Damit AHMAD (b. 1956)2392091441828
453Herbert BRANDL (b. 1959)2374022246466
454Michael PAREKOWHAI (b. 1968)23693916100280
455XIA Xiaowan (b. 1959)2368464219167
456Federico HERRERO (b. 1978)2366781047500
457Chinami NAKAJIMA (b. 1945)2362926924670
458Danny ROBINETTE (1954-2005)2360868218500
459Douglas GORDON (b. 1966)2351761198519
460Hyung-Koo KANG (b. 1954)234781396674
461Warlimpirrnga TJAPALTJARRI (b. 1955)2335933217216
462Michael COLEMAN (b. 1946)2335732248000
463Mark FLOOD (b. 1957)232946952500
464Norbert SCHWONTKOWSKI (1949-2013)2329451144871
465Kyle POLZIN (b. 1974)2328305111150
466Donald SULTAN (b. 1951)2326466135000
467Chris BURDEN (1946-2015)232141793750
468MO Ke (b. 1949)2318402131500
469Tomoya TSUKAMOTO (b. 1982)2314873120843
470OUYANG Chun (b. 1974)229990762160
471Keith Savel ALEXANDER (1946-1998)2282211971645
472GONG Wenzhen (b. 1945)2273371364108
473CHEN Xinhua (b. 1950)2272492147044
474BLEK LE RAT (b. 1951)2271763477507
475CHUA Ek Kay (1947-2008)224902967568
476Bertrand LAVIER (b. 1949)224864579718
477Christian ROSA (b. 1982)224488675000
478Lewis BALTZ (1945-2014)221959945000
479LI Xiaoxuan (b. 1959)2213551367436
480Peter ZIMMERMANN (b. 1956)2211951233257
481Callum INNES (b. 1962)220903857123
482Bernie WRIGHTSON (1948-2017)2207782158555
483Terry WINTERS (b. 1949)2204652062500
484Russell YOUNG (b. 1960)2197711472392
485LI Aiguo (b. 1958)2192192143302
486Fabrice HYBER (b. 1961)2183771270438
487Laurie SIMMONS (b. 1949)2179557100000
488Thierry DE CORDIER (b. 1954)217283789059
489YANG Maoyuan (b. 1966)2170741217074
490ZHENG Guogu (b. 1970)215957592054
491Tomory DODGE (b. 1974)215378987500
492Nigel BROWN (b. 1949)2150184718853
493STIK (b. 1979)2145711543683
494Chantal JOFFE (b. 1969)2141921253256
495Sangki SON (1949-1988)2127043159068
496Noël DOLLA (b. 1945)2123551730624
497DING Fang (b. 1956)2120833195360
498Kyosuke TCHINAI (b. 1946)2113711919500
499David BROMLEY (b. 1960)21106610212760
500Kai ALTHOFF (b. 1966)2110004162500

Featured image: Frieze Art Fair London 2015, via Frieze. All images courtesy