Rise Above

Tavar Zawacki
Screen print on archival paper
50 x 70 x 0 cm
Signed, numbered and embossed
Edition of 30
screen print,above
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We have only a handful of those prints, handed over directly by the artist. This series from 2010 is exceptional as it was prepared for a 2010 show in Milan that never happened. The prints have never been released and remained the property of the artist since. They are in mint conditions and true collectors items. The prints are sold with the agreement of the artist.

About The Artist

Tavar Zawacki a.k.a. Above is an international street artist known for his urban versatility and the fact his pieces can be found ....Read More

About The Gallery

Within Urban Spree, the Urban Spree Galerie is a 400 sqm independent contemporary art space. Set in a vast postindustrial compoun....Read More
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