The work of Adam Barker Mill examines the physical and experimental properties of light, an interest, which originated from the artist's childhood fascination with the caves located in his hometown of Somerset.
Barker Mill's sculptures revisit his concerns for light, which he initially began exploring in the sixties. His works have a deceptively simplistic appearance, allowing the viewer to maintain an idealistic visual. Acutely unaware of the carefully structured designs, these wall-reliefs reflect, manipulate and modulate light. Barker Mill's sculptures are highly engaging, the various light effects and constantly changing experience closely relates to the viewers positioning and natural light conditions that activate these works.
Part of the continuing 'Ambient Light' Series these latest Colour Reflectors cast colour into a viewing chamber. The intensity of the hue and shade is largely determined by the daylight that enters the work from one side.
Often the effects of Adam Barker Mill's works are subtle and surprising, perceptual distortion is a common platform of discussion, which undoubtedly adds to the enticing elements within these beautiful and precise wall-reliefs. Colour Reflectors Series

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