Framed: 12h x 17.50w in

"In the Fields" by Eastman Johnson (1880) and "The Sacrifice of Moses" by Massimo Stanzione (1629)
This piece is about redirection. While inserting Lincoln into Eastman Johnson's In the Fields, it became quite apparent that emulating Johnson's paint handling would make it quite difficult to capture a likeness. I needed to clarify Lincoln's face in order to give him an identity. To overcome the obvious stylistic discrepancies, bizarre elements of Massimo Stanzione's The Sacrifice of Moses were inserted to pull attention right, most specifically the pointing Moses. Baseball player Pat Burrell (of the 2010 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants) stands in his appropriate position - left field - assisting in the redirection by pointing to the opposite side. As a baseball player, Burrell's presence in the field is logical, even if his appearance is unexpected.