Framed: 12h x 10.50w in

after: "Basket of Clams" by Winslow Homer (1873) and "Moses Striking the Rock" by Abraham Bloemaert (1596)

This piece began with two stories about striking a rock to get water - that of Moses from Exodus and that of the S.S. Minnow of Gilligan's Island. In Exodus, Moses responds to the thirsty complaints of the wandering Israelites - he strikes a rock with his staff and water pours out (seen here in the background to the right from Abraham Bloemaert's Moses Striking the Rock). In Gilligan's Island, the S.S. Minnow strikes a rock and water pours in. In both, the rock/water combination serves as both reminder of death (dehydration or drowning) and the instrument for the affirmation of life. The main image for this piece, Winslow Homer's Basket of Clams, offers another look at striking a hard surface in order to establish a relationship between life and death - the idea of tapping an opened clam on the shell to see if it will close (a sure sign it's alive and edible).

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