This installation was commissioned for a project called Guns in the Hands of Artists. It is comprised of six bullet holes, within which there are six miniature portraits of the last six children under six killed by gun violence in the sixth police district of New Orleans, Louisiana.
'Late last year, a local news station was reporting on the shooting death of a 7-month old child. As part of their reporting, the anchor described that - since 2010 - 6 children had been "gunned down" in New Orleans. I recognized some of the murder scenes she mentioned as locations within the Central City neighborhood, where I had witnessed the murder of an unarmed 16-year-old a decade ago.
It turns out that four of those six children were killed in, or near, Central City - within the city's Sixth Police District. In fact, one child had been gunned-down per year starting in 2010. Looking into the statistics further, I discovered that I had to go back to 1994 - one of the most violent years in our city's history - to even find another child who had been killed as the result of gunfire.
The 16-year lull seemed huge compared to the short regularity with which kids are being killed now.
In order to draw attention to the children and the frightening timeline of their murders, I'll be creating bullet holes in the gallery wall at measured intervals to serve as a timeline of sorts.
A portrait will be inserted in each as a reminder of a bullet holes' effects - the last six children, under six years old, killed in New Orleans' Sixth Police District.